The Group

Our vision

Knowing people means understanding the market 

Our values

Quality drives everything we do, but the starting point for all our goals are the six founding values of the Alfaparf Group.


Understanding what professionals need and helping them express their unique and special qualities.


Ongoing research into products and services so professionals can deliver higher quality.


Being ready at all times to respond quickly to market change.


Adopting a business model based on continuous improvement.


Sharing ideas and knowledge gained from working all over the world with clients and partners of different cultures.


Creating products, services and business practises based on direct contact with professionals and awareness of their needs.

The importance of people

Our direct, human approach

Supporting hair and beauty professionals is at the heart of our work. Being in the field, after all, is the best way to understand what they really need. As well as focusing on a widespread geographical presence, the ALFAPARF GROUP has built up a commercial network of people who care about the quality of our relationship with our professionals. 
We are not just interested in selling our products but listening to needs and gathering information that will help us improve the quality of our products and satisfy the trends of today’s world. We want to provide a range of services that allow hairstylists and beauty professionals to run their business in the best possible way. 
Being able to supply both products and a broad range of services is of strategic importance in professional cosmetics: the speed of a company’s response and the quality of its solutions are what give it the edge in today’s competitive market. 
With this in mind, the ALFAPARF GROUP has developed an extensive educational program focusing on a variety of technical, professional and managerial aspects. Now hairdressers and beauticians can find the best solutions to help them grow professionally in the many courses organized in the over fifty training centers belonging to the Group.