The Group

Our identity

Research, production and distribution throughout the beauty world.

An Italian success story

From 1980 to today, from Italy to the whole world 

How it all started

Our origins

Our story begins in 1980, thanks to an idea of Roberto Franchina who, with the support of about a dozen people, began creating products for the hairdressing industry in northern Italy. A couple of years later in 1989, the Semi di Lino line was launched, which was to be the group’s first great commercial success. The following year it was the turn of the permanent coloring range, Evolution of the Color. 
In the early 1990s, the Group began expanding into foreign markets. Hard on the heels of its first exports to Spain, it made its first contacts in Latin America which, over the coming years, was to become the Group’s core market. It adopted a business strategy that focused on two fronts. From a commercial point of view, after spending several years growing the business in countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina and Brazil and exporting its products to them, it decided it wanted to take the next step and set up local production facilities. It opened its first factories in these countries and this helped drive expansion on those markets. At the same time, from a corporate point of view, it decided to set up subsidiaries, laying the foundations for the future creation of the Group. The Alfaparf Group was established at the beginning of the 2000s and, 20 years on, it now has 25 subsidiaries in four continents - America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

About us

An Italian group with 40 years’ experience

The Alfaparf Group is a multinational group in the cosmetics sector. It is the most important group with 100% Italian capital in the global professional cosmetics industry. Alfaparf researches and develops technologies, products and services for all professionals in the haircare and skincare sectors worldwide.

Our vision

Quality drives everything we do, but the starting point for all our goals are the six founding values of the Alfaparf Group. 


Understanding what professionals need and helping them express their unique and special qualities.


Ongoing research into products and services so professionals can deliver higher quality.


Being ready at all times to respond quickly to market change.


Adopting a business model based on continuous improvement.


Sharing ideas and knowledge gained from working all over the world with clients and partners of different cultures.


Creating products, services and business practises based on direct contact with professionals and awareness of their needs.

Our reports

The Alfaparf Group publishes periodical reports and a company profile that can be downloaded or consulted by everyone: a promise of utmost transparency that we intend to keep.

Where we are

In Italy and the world

The Alfaparf Group is growing all the time. We operate in Europe, America and Oceania with expertise that knows no boundaries.



You never know when the right opportunity might come along: we examine every application we receive from people interested in joining our Group.