The Group

We are an Italian multinational cosmetics group in the field of hair and skin care that performs research, manufacturing and distribution.

Our mission is to elevate the quality of service that professionals (stylists and salons) can offer by providing them with products and services that reflect Italian taste and creativity, but also take into account modern international trends.

The Group owns the ALFAPARF MILANO, Yellow, ALTA MODA E'... and Beauty&Business hair care brands and the DIBI MILANO, Becos, TEN SCIENCE, Olos, Solarium and Decoderm skin care brands.

Our products and services are based on research. We work closely with international hair stylists and salons, and we rely on both our own technological know-how and the information we gather directly from those professionals about their needs.


The Group has four manufacturing sites (Italy, Brazil, Mexico). Our products and services are distributed in more than 80 countries through a network of 21 branches and 98 distributors.

ALFAPARF is a hair care leader in Latin America (Venezuela, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina) and a top skin care company in Italy.

The Group's founder and president is Roberto Franchina, and Attilio Brambilla is CEO.