ALFAPARF GROUP is among the 35 Italian companies admitted to the new session of ELITE, Borsa Italiana’s international program born in 2012 in collaboration with Confindustria to support companies in the realization of their growth projects.


ELITE gives access to financing opportunities, increases the visibility and attractiveness of companies, puts them in contact with potential investors and supports management in a process of cultural and organizational change.


The 35 companies admitted to the program come from nine regions (four are from Bergamo) and operate in various sectors including fashion, airport services, aerospace and defense, confirming ELITE's ability to represent the real economy.


The international community of ELITE has reached one thousand companies, (about 650 Italian), with over 60 billion euros of aggregate revenue and over 300.000 employees.


Aniello Aliberti, Vice President of Confindustria Bergamo with delegation for Credit, Corporate Tax and Internationalization, said: "Also thanks to the work of training and dissemination on the issues of finance and of the capital market of Confindustria Bergamo, four local excellences entered ELITE: SACBO, Valtellina, Impresa Percassi and Alfaparf Group, two of which (SACBO and Valtellina) directly accompanied by Confindustria Bergamo's Elite Desk, demonstrating the dynamism and versatility of Bergamo's economy. They’re high profile realities, certainly very interesting and attractive for the capital market, as well as a significant reference for other local companies that could seize this important opportunity".